Business Intelligence Dashboard

As SwiftPOS has expanded into larger Companies that have multiple venues or franchisee stores, the requirement for additional reporting and data analysis has become far greater. While a substantial number of venue analysis reporting options are available in the SwiftPOS software, additional information can be obtained by using the standard Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing tools provided by Microsoft in SQL Server 2005/2008. Microsoft provides a broad range of tools for Business Intelligence. These tools cover the key areas of BI including the structure and creation of the data warehouse, analysis, reporting, and data Extract, Transform and Load.

SwiftPOS inbuilt live dashboard reporting gives you access to your establishments performance, anywhere anytime, delivering you insights into how your business is performing through simple and easy to read analytics and reports. With SwiftPOS’s API, allows for POS reporting integrations platforms, like Power BI from Microsoft, Astute BI and Summit Insights for specialised industries to integrate with SwiftPOS.

“Up to the Minute KPI Dashboard Reporting “

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