Access powerful insights instantly with the SwiftPOS reporting engine

Access powerful insights instantly with the SwiftPOS reporting engine

The data your POS stores and produces is only useful if you can get meaningful insights from them. SwiftPOS has a highly efficient POS reporting system that is speedy, accommodating and easy to use.

There are potentially millions of variants of data views due to the hundreds of reports that are in the system, each with its own filters and delivery options. Most people only use a few reports that relate to their job, so we'd like to give some advice on gathering useful data quickly.

  1. Access Control: All users have a Security Group level to control access. All Security Group regulations can be applied to all report categories, even down to the individual report. Users’ report options will be restricted to what they are authorised to view. Using Security Group settings correctly will allow your team to focus on the areas of reporting that are important to them.
  2. Finding Reports: SwiftPOS now has a keyword search panel at the top of the reports screen. By typing in a keyword, you can see all reports that include it in their title or description. This is an excellent way to locate different opinions of the data in the system. Once you have identified a report that interests you, the Report Information button outlines the fields and relationships used in that report. If you need further information on the report, you can refer to the help file which provides examples of the system's reports.
  3. Set Your Favourites: SwiftPOS allows you to save the configuration of regularly used reports and for easy reference you can even assign your own name. This lets you access the right reports or share them with your team, containing all the relevant information they require.
  4. Automation: Having important reports generated and distributed automatically improves efficiencies. The Batch Reports feature will enable the system to automatically create and send or print reports without team members needing to access the system. With this feature, you'll have a weekly sales summary emailed to you and ready in your in-tray each Monday morning.

Reviewing your team's report access and settings can help ensure that you are delivering the best data to the appropriate people in the most efficient manner.

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